Snowbound? 10 snow day activities for under $10

By Mallory Miller, NewsNetNebraska

The forecasters say Lincoln will get hit with a big blizzard this week — and even Jim Cantore, the Weather Channel’s go-to man for severe weather, tweeted that he may show up in the Capital City.

With a foot or more of snow predicted, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln may be forced to call a snow day. So, in anticipation, NewsNetNebraska decided to compile a list of some snow day activities for snow-bound students.

But first, the official prediction from the National Weather Service, which shows a 70 to 80 percent chance of more than 12 inches of snow between Thursday and Friday.

Here’s the list of activities to keep you from staring at the walls:

1. Build a snowman or other snow creation.

Get creative! There are plenty of open spots on campus that would provide the perfect area to make art out of snow.

View Snow Day in a larger map

And here are some cool examples:

Best snowmen photos

Britain’s best snowmen

Price: FREE

2. Have a TV binge day

Go through that Netflix or Hulu cue you’ve been building up. Don’t forget: the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Love Library also has a variety of series available for check out.

Price: FREE to $7.99 (price of a Netflix membership)

3. Go sledding

While many college students don’t have sleds at their disposal, there are a few substitutes that they can use:

  • Cardboard, which you might be able to find in the recycling bin on your dorm floor
  • The lid of a plastic storage box: Almost every college kid has one of these somewhere in their living space
  • Inflatables: Make a quick trip to the dollar store before the storm hits and buy a pool ring.

Check out the list of the best sledding spots in Lincoln from Yahoo! Sports.

Price: FREE to $1

4. Try out some of the things on your Pinterest boards

We’re all guilty of it: going through Pinterest and pinning things we know we would like to try but will probably never have the time to. A snow day provides the perfect opportunity for putting one of those ideas into practice.

One example: Make your own marshmallows

Price: Depends on cost of supplies for your project

5. Pick up a good book—one that you don’t HAVE to read

Check out Goodreads and find some books that you might like based on your ratings of other books.

Closest library to campus: 
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Price: This one is a little more than $10. A library card for non-residents of Lancaster County is $15 for three months. But people who have library card from Omaha will be able to use the Lincoln libraries for free.

6. Indulge in some comfort food

Swimsuit season will be here in a few short months, so this may be your last opportunity to truly enjoy something decadent, such as mashed potatoes and gravy or mac and cheese.

Here are some links to recipes:

Basic Mashed Potatoes

Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting

Microwave Velveeta Mac and Cheese

Or there’s always Boston Market…

3-pound bag of potatoes: about $3
1-pound of butter: about $3
Velveeta: about $6
Macaroni: about $3
Cake ingredients: under $10

7. Use your microwave to cook

Don’t want to venture out of your dorm room? There’s a way to make a fresh, hot dessert to warm you up, all in your microwave. You will need to stock up on supplies before hand, however.

Here are some links to recipes:

Mug cakes on Pinterest

Huffington Post mug cake recipes

Price: Depends on ingredients you use. All should be under $10.

8. Have a movie marathon

The Digital Media Services Department at Love Library has hundreds of DVDs available to students. Students can check out up to 10 discs at a time. Both recent releases and older titles are available in a variety of genres.

Price: FREE

9. Do your homework

While this isn’t a very exciting option, it is free. Doing homework also will help you keep stress levels low before spring break. This was also the most popular option in a short survey of students conducted on Monday.

Price: FREE

10. Call your family

Again, maybe not the most exciting option, but it will probably put a smile on the faces of  your relatives to hear from you.

Price: FREE

Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to use the comments to make some.