Profile: Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson

Story, photos and audio by Kelsey Connelly, NewsNetNebraska

Chris Nelson knew he wasn’t like his classmates as soon as he started middle school.

Unlike many kids his age, Chris took an interest in arts and storytelling. He spent much of his free time creating and acting in his own experimental film projects.

“Considering my interests, it was tough finding kids I could talk about Robert De Niro with, “ Nelson said. “But I hardly resent it I had different interests, and I embraced them, and no one could convince me otherwise.”

Nelson said his parents encouraged him to think critically about art and their guidance sparked his passion for all forms of storytelling.

“Acting, editing, direction; I gained a knack for examining these aspects,” he said.

Nelson naturally gravitated toward journalism, his major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He uses his love for film and knowledge of the arts when writing.

“Journalism is very open and I can mold myself into numerous positions like author or critic,” he said.

Nelson hopes his journalism career will take him around the world, where he can share his writing and filmmaking. He also aims to write a fiction novel later on in his life.

“I just want to create a story I’m proud of, not just in journalism, but also in film,” he said. “If I can entertain people, then I can die happy.”


Chris Nelson talks about storytelling possibilities when using film:

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