Profile: Madison Bell

Madison Bell

Story and photo by Kathleen Anderson, NewsNetNebraska

Madison Bell is full of contradictions.

“I guess I’m like quirky and weird,” said the junior journalism major from Fremont, Neb.

Bell, a self-described perfectionist, hates failing at anything, especially school.  But although she is determined, she can also be laid-back.  She loves meeting random people and has an eclectic and crazy group of friends, but she also enjoys alone time.

“I’m really like a boring person.  I like movies and reading and just being lazy.”

However, Bell’s interests are anything but boring.  When she isn’t shooting a bow and arrow at a Styrofoam target behind the barn on her family’s chicken farm, experimenting with throwing knives she got for Christmas, going for a run or watching “Breaking Bad,” she is focused on her biggest passion: dog training.

Bell’s aunt and mother both train dogs.  Bell visited her aunt’s farm often while growing up.

“She always just had puppies like everywhere.  So I would be running and they would be like tackling me.”

Bell trains dogs for things like narcotic scenting, showmanship, obedience and racing.  She loves seeing her dogs succeed and sharing in their owners’ joy.  And although Bell isn’t sure whether to describe herself as determined or laid-back, extroverted or introverted, crazy or boring, she knows without a doubt that canines will always hold her heart.



Madison Bell talks about why she loves dogs so much:

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