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Story by Molly Mahannah, NewsNetNebraska

Cathy Mahannah vividly remembers waking her daughter, Molly, up in the mornings only to be greeted with screams.

Molly Mahannah

Molly Mahannah

“I’m not Molly, I’m Snow White!”

So it’s safe to say, according to her mother, that Molly Mahannah has always dared to dream big.

It is those dreams, that allowed Mahannah to take chances with her career, she said.

“I’ve always wanted to be editor-in-chief of a women’s magazine like Cosmo or Elle,” Mahannah said.

And so far Mahannah has taken those big dreams and turned them into achievable realities. She spent winter break interning at Omaha Magazine, an experience that led her to pursuing fashion and other feature stories.

“I loved working with Omaha Magazine, and because of that internship I was able to help volunteer backstage for Omaha Fashion Week in March,” Mahannah said. “I’m glad I get to combine my two passions: fashion and writing.”

Mahannah attributes her success to hard work. But those who are close to the journalism major from Omaha, say it’s her vibrant personality that has helped her achieve success.

“She could sell ice to an Eskimo,” Mahannah’s father Steve said. “She convinced my wife to switch cell phone providers and purchase iPhones for the whole family in a single afternoon.”

Whether it’s her dedication or her demanding personality, however, Mahannah’s is confident her big dreams will surely take her journalism career to big places.



Molly Mahannah comments on her inability to take “no” for an answer:

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