Profile: Nicole Rauner

Story and photo by Flora Zempleni, NewsNetNebraska

Nicole Rauner is a journalism major at UNL

Nicole Rauner is a journalism major at UNL

In fourth grade Nicole Rauner always wrote the longest stories in her class, fueled by her passion for writing.

“I feel I can communicate with words,” Rauner said.

That is why she wants to be a journalist.

Rauner grew up in Lincoln, Neb., and studies journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with an anthropology minor and a concentration in ethnic studies.

Rauner said that she loves to travel and wants to visit countries like Egypt and Morocco. Eventually, she’d like to move to Chicago to be in a big city with lots to do.

“I hate being in one spot for too long,” said Rauner, who has already traveled to France, Belize, Mexico and the Caribbean.

But traveling is only one of Rauner’s many interests.

She also enjoys photography. She created a blog called “The world at large and where I want to be in it,” where she uploaded photos of her experience in an archaeological field study in Nebraska during the summer of 2013.

And she’s history buff and is  especially fond of ancient Egyptian. She has watched every Netflix documentary available on the subject.

Because of her diverse range of interests, Rauner said that she would like to be a general assignment reporter.

Rauner said she learned early on that people are influenced by words, and she hopes to be able to do that through her reporting.


Nicole Rauner talks about why she loves to travel:

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