New degree audit system designed help students track progress

The new degree audit systems was made to be easier for students to keep track of their graduation requirements.

The new degree audit systems was made to be easier for students to keep track of their graduation requirements.

By Amanda Woita, News Net Nebraska

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is making it easier for students to keep track of their graduation requirements or explore other majors through the new “My Degree Audit” system.

William Watts, the director of campus advising, said in a UNL  news release that this new tool will help students and their advisors work together to make important academic decisions. Students can find their degree audits on MyRed.

According to Christina Fielder, the Assistant Director of the Advising Center in the College of Arts and Sciences, students can either use the HTML version or a PDF version to track their progress.

Fielder said the HTML version uses color-coding to track which requirements students have or have not met along with drop-down menus for students to get a closer look at their requirements. Fiedler added that My Degree Audit provides a link to suggested classes on the undergraduate bulletin. There, students can see prerequisites, credit hours and course descriptions of classes they can take to meet their department’s requirements.

The PDF format of My Degree Audit is great for students print out and to make notes on, Fielder said. She added that students can bring the printed version of their degree audits into their advising meetings to work with their advisor.

Overall, Fielder said the new degree audit system gives students better customer service and is more user-friendly.

Fielder added that along with more information for students, the system provides a kind of “What if?” tool.

The tool — choosing a different major when running a degree audit — shows a student what classes they’d have to complete in order to graduate with that different major. In short order, it can tell a student the cost of changing majors at any time.

That way, students can see the differences between two majors, or see what will be required of them if they decide to make that switch, according to Fielder.

Even though My Degree Audit is made to be easy to use, Fielder still stresses that students work with an advisor.

“The new degree audit isn’t replacing an advisor,” Fielder said. “It’s made so students can come into that session more informed and ready.”

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