Voter turnout likely to drop in ASUN runoff

By Reed Samson, NewsNetNebraska

Record breaking voter-turnout last week sparked a runoff between the Engage and Revive for ASUN executive offices. But, with the runoff election today, will voter engagement last?

Not likely.

Marlene Beyke, director of administration, has seen six runoff elections since she began working for the Association of Students at the University of Nebraska in 1978.  She has yet to see voter-turnout improve in the tie-breaking second leg of the election.

“It always drops,” Beyke said.

The most recent runoff occurred in 2010-11, the first year of online voting. That election saw 20.4 percent of the student body voting in the general election drop to 7.9 percent for the runoff vote.

Engage’s Presidential candidate Eric Reznicek said he would have loved a win last Wednesday in the general election, but his party had prepared for the runoff knowing they were fairly common with three or more parties running.

“When we got the news, our team was extremely optimistic, and just like before, have never been more excited to work for our fellow student’s votes,” he said.  “This runoff is truly an extension of the original campaign.”

Reznicek expects a loss in voters, but is confident in his voter base, which he claims is a highly involved and concerned group of voters.

“They are the students who have chosen to fully engage this campus and their education,” he said.

Zach Stull, Revive’s Presidential candidate, also expects a smaller group of loyal supporters.

“We do realize that voter turnout will most likely go down, but we feel like our voter base is extremely loyal.  We just need to contact them on election day,” he said.

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