Sequestration’s effects includes UNL

By Ryan Pritchard, NewsNetNebraska

The hardest hit government agency in the sequester hitting Washington: Department of Defense. But those cuts can be felt far from the Pentagon.

“I haven’t even gotten my active duty date yet,” said University of Nebraska-Lincoln senior Alex Jones. Jones, who is in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps at UNL, is supposed to be attending the Euro-Nato-Joint-Jet-Pilot-Training (ENJJPT) Program to fly fighter aircraft.

But because of sequestration, he doesn’t know when he’ll start. And he’s not alone.

“I was told that I go on active duty on Sep. 30.,” said senior Jesse Elkjer who will also be attending pilot training. That date is also the same date the cuts must be made.

Sequester Pie Chart

The government runs on a fiscal year system that starts on Oct. 1 and runs through Sep. 30.

The sequester was intended to slow the country’s spending and was a White House initiative when President Obama and Congress raised the debt limit.

“I really hope I get my date changed because it would be really hard to find a job that I will only hold for about 4 months,” Jones said.

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