UNL students’ bracket bruised, not broken

By Torin Otis, NewsNetNebraska

So which team does the slipper fit this year? LaSalle? Wichita State? Or how about FGCU?

And how does anyone pick Cinderella in an NCAA tournament pool?

“A bank teller actually told me his wife took Florida Gulf Coast because Disneyworld is in Florida,” said University of Nebraska-Lincoln business administration major Taylor Hershberger.

It’s March Madness, the time of year when production goes down and sick days go up. For those that make it to work, March Madness Live is front and center on computer screens. People care more about how their bracket is doing than how their coworker is doing.

Hershberger has Louisville, Ohio State, Florida and Indiana in his Final Four, with Louisville beating Indiana in the championship.

“With all the upsets thus far, I’d say having all four Final Four teams left is pretty damn good,” said Hershberger.

UNL senior Michael Bos didn’t have as much luck making it out of the first three rounds.

“I still have three out of four left,” said Bos, “and of course the No. 1 team in the country (Gonzaga) screwed me.”

UNL student Morgan Wachal showed a little home bias when picking, taking Creighton to the Final Four.

“I like Creighton, so I took them,” Wachal said. “I don’t enter mine in any pools so I really don’t care.”

After the display put on by Florida Gulf Coast, Wachal said she’s rooting for them.

“How can you not? They have poolside dorms and their motto is dunk city.”

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