How a fitness promise turned into an amateur strip tease (and $51)

Strip tease

By Tiago Zenero, NewsNetNebraska

Studying abroad is an opportunity to reach a variety of goals: master a foreign language, improve professional abilities. For one international student, one of those goals was to gain eleven pounds of muscle.

That student — we’ll call him “Steve” because he didn’t want his name used for what will become obvious reasons — made himself a promise: If he gained 11 pounds of muscle, he’d take his clothes off on stage. In front of people. At an amateur strip competition. Down to his underwear.

The Brazilian exchange student who came to study at UNL in August 2012, with the program Brazil Scientific MobilityProgram, said it was a chance to do something different.

“I came to the USA to do things I couldn’t normally do in the city where I lived and where people know me,” he said.

So “Steve” told his friends that if he gained eleven pounds of muscle in less than five months, he would perform a striptease at The Q, where amateur stripers perform on Thursdays night.

“I thought it would be nice to do so,” he said. “Something that you only do once in your life.”

When the performance day was coming, he got scared and thought he would give up.

“I am able to accomplish things that I promise myself, it doesn’t matter how strange they are,” he said.

His idea was to perform the Harlem Shake with all the other Brazilians who are studying at UNL in the same governmental program. But because he misunderstood the order of the amateur stripers, he ended up being the first one to perform and the other Brazilians couldn’t arrive on time.

Nevertheless, “Steve” didn’t give up. He performed all by himself.

“I believe I had a good performance. I had never done it before,” he said.

Maggie Opoka, a student at UNL, was watching the performance. She gave him a dollar.

“I gave him the money because I think it is important when people keep their promises,” she said. “I support that.”

“Steve” was satisfied with the result.

“The audience reaction was very positive and I won fifty dollars by getting second place,” he said.

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