Sheldon study break night provides art; inspiration

Students work on puzzle

 Tyler Arlaskus,Christian Jewett and Christ Bannister work on a puzzle during the study break night event at the Sheldon Art Museum

By Elisabeth Loeck, NewsNetNebraska

Downward dog, playdough and puzzles are not typical dead week activites, but students took a break from studying to enjoy art, yoga and food instead of cramming for class.

The Sheldon Student Advisory Board hosted Study Break Night, Tuesday April 23 to provide students a stress-free escape from tests and projects. Students were invited to “study, play, create and relax in one of UNL’s most amazing spaces.”

“We’re trying to generate interest and get people excited about the Sheldon,” said Amanda Washburn, president of the Sheldon Student Advisory Board.

Washburn hopes to bring more students into the museum, not only in the capacity to look at art, but to use the space.

“You can use the benches and open space as a place to study or it’s a great place to take a break from stuff,” Washburn said. “It’s a stressfull time and we wanted to be one of those outlets for inspiration for studying.”

The free event offered two sessions of yoga, art activities stations with drawing and playdough and a large puzzle for students to work on. Sandwiches and drinks were offered during the event.

The Sheldon is in the process of breaking down all of the exhibits in preparation for their naked museum exposition. This naked museum is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the building. The empty exhibit rooms provided an open space for the activities like yoga to take place at the study night.

Students attend one of two free yoga sessions.

 Students attend one of two free yoga sessions.

“Yoga is an activity that everyone can enjoy and you don’t have to be advanced,” Washburn said. “We had all this space to work with, and we wanted to provide relaxing and stress-free activities.”

Students Christian Jewett and Chris Bannister came with friends for the free food, but stayed to work on a 2000-piece puzzle. Bannister heard of the event through Facebook.

The Sheldon Student Advisory Board became an official organization in January 2013. It was slow getting the word out about the organzation at first, Washburn said. But the start-up of social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter have helped generate more interest.

A yearly application process selects the 16 members of the advisory board.

The study break night was the first major event the board hosted, but plans to generate interest and awareness in the fall include a booth at Big Red Welcome and hosting a football-themed event.

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