Staff profile – Ben Rickaby

Story and photo by Robert Vencil, NewsNetNebraska

Ben Rickaby

Twenty-two-year-old University of Nebraska-Lincoln senior Ben Rickaby has seen a lot of change in his life.  He has lived in six different cities and attended three different universities colleges, but two things have stayed consistent; his connection to his faith and his love for music.

Ben was born in Aurora, Colo., but didn’t live their long.  His dad’s work as an industrial draftsman brought him to Portland, Albuquerque, Orlando, Salem  and finally here to Lincoln.

He was fortunate enough to stay long enough in Salem to attend all four years of high school  and started his college career at Chemeketa Community College.  After his family moved to Lincoln in ­­­2011 he enrolled in the journalism program at Concordia University in Seward before transferring to UNL at the start of the 2012 spring semester.  During the hustle and bustle of moving, Ben didn’t lose touch with his faith and found a way to stay connected once he arrived on campus.

Ben became involved at the University Lutheran Chapel within the first couple weeks of the semester.  He joined the church’s worship band, but he was still looking for more, so he started a jam and bible study session.

“I was looking for something more than an academic session,” he said, “I wanted to add more to bible study.”

Every week since January a small group of people get together to rock out before their study.  It was the perfect way for Ben to express his love for music and faith.

Ben’s father introduced him to Christian heavy metal when he was young and it has stayed with him ever since.  His dad played in a band called Ultimatum, so Ben was always around music.  He picked up the electric guitar when he was in seventh grade and has also spent some time on the drum kit.  His love for music spills over to his writing and  is an important part of his plans after graduation this coming December.

Ben wants to get involved in the magazine business and intends on spending his first five years or so learning the business, but he eventually wants to break out on his own and start his own young men’s lifestyle magazine.

“I have all these interest in things, so why not put them all together,” he said

It would touch on topics ranging from current fads, to music, to the latest in pop culture, but he wants to put a Christian spin on it.  It’s a dream, but one he thinks is within reach.

“I need some dedicated staff members that wouldn’t mind eating for a while in order to get it off the ground.”

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