Casey Sill: History and social media enthusiast

Story and photo by Brianna Foster, NewsNetNebraska.

Casey Sill is a senior at UNL.

Many journalists report on history, but a UNL journalism student is trying to live it.

It’s the 21st century, but 23-year-old Casey Sill lives in the World War II era, complete with uniforms and equipment to match.

The senior travels with a group that reenacts the World War II era through mock battles and demonstrations to educate and inform the public. His love for public service and preserving history is what interested him about journalism.

 “A lot of the stories I’m interested in will be about a veteran or person involved in that era,” he said.

“People do this for 1,000 reasons. It’s about teaching young people more than anything else.”

In addition to his role in “Living History,” Sill works as a social media manager at a World War II reproduction company and is also a full-time student. He expects to graduate in December 2013.

Though his post-graduation plans are unknown, his goals are to continue in social media and continue to tell stories – that is, about the past.

“Even if only a few people look at it, at least someone does. Plus, 10 years from now that generation will be gone … it’s important to record their stories while we can.”

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