Lincoln goes Blue Man for the weekend

Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

Story and photos by Megan Conway, NewsNetNebraska

Nebraska’s sea of red was invaded by blue Sunday when the Blue Man Group came to perform at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Lied Center.

“I had no idea what to expect, but it was such a unique experience” said Kathy Renard, first time audience member of a Blue Man Group performance, “It’s really hard to describe what exactly they do, but I just know it was awesome!”

10-year-old Andrew Isom has attended the group twice and told his parents that whenever they are in town, he wants to go.  “They have the coolest job ever,” said Isom, “Someday I want to meet one of them and see if I can get them to talk.”

Sunday’s performance was one of several acts that the group presented in sold-out shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Lied Center.

About the Group

The Blue Man Group produces theatrical shows and concerts featuring experimental music, comedy and multimedia.  Blue Man Group’s performances star a trio of humanoid characters called Blue Men.  They are played by actor-musicians who wear bald caps and uniform blue makeup.

Finale with color changing balls and other special effects

Finale with color changing balls and other special effects

The Blue Men don’t speak a word, but communicate with their audiences through noises and facial expressions.  They stay in character at all times while in makeup, meaning after shows they will still not speak to audience members, and the only “autograph” would be a smudge of blue paint. When shown a “new” piece of technology, such as a cell phone or even an old pair of binoculars, they will simply stare at it in wonder.

Lied Center executive director Bill Stephan said the group’s performances are one of the fastest shows to sell out once announced they are coming to town.  “Not only are they unique, but it is also something that everyone in the family can enjoy together,” said Stephan.

Lied Center filling up before the show

Lied Center filling up before Sunday's sold-out show

The Lied Center

Tickets to the program for University of Nebraska-Lincoln students were discounted as a part of the “Arts for All” program through the Lied.  This program provides discounted and even sometimes free tickets to college students to enhance their passion for the arts or to introduce the arts into their lives. The program includes many shows and opportunities for students.

Upcoming events at the Lied Center include Shrek: The Musical, E.N. Thompson Forums on World Issues and Riders in the Sky.

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