Best buds and breakfast burritos

Story and photos by Brian Frey, NewsNetNebraska

Brad Smith and Joe Garcia have known each other since Smith bought his green cooler. Judging by its wear and countless number of stickers, that means they’ve been friends for a long time.

The cooler speaks for itself of past experiences in Colorado—years spent skiing and river rafting.

“For whatever reason in Colorado, everywhere you go they give you stickers,” Smith said. “Everybody tagged up that cooler like crazy. I think those stickers are holding that cooler together to tell you the truth.”

Smith and Garcia work as a team around the grill preparing breakfast burritos. Through the sizzling and smoke it’s easy to see that they’ve done this before. This is their third year tailgating together at the Haymarket area.

To Garcia, tailgating is all about “getting to meet new people, and hanging out and having fun — enjoying the Nebraska weather, whatever it is.”

They never go to the games. Instead, Smith and Garcia spend the time with their temporary neighbors and friends. There’s a group next to them who rent out four spaces in the lot, complete with a tent and TV.

“They’re a fun crowd,” Smith said. “They usually dress up in costumes and stuff.”

Joe Garcia on breakfast burritos:

Smith and Garcia talk tailgating:

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