Once a Husker player, always a dedicated fan

Story and photos by Kelsey Haugen, NewsNetNebraska

For Randy Borg and his family, Husker tailgating is a big deal. The Borgs never miss a game – not for brutal temperatures, rain or snow.

Their dedication and passion truly began with Randy, who played defensive cornerback for a tight-knit Husker team in the early ‘70s.

Borg was part of a National Championship win in 1971 and made lifelong friendships with teammates. Though it was decades ago, he still shows his commitment to the Huskers every season. But now, it’s as an avid supporter and tailgater.

“Bringing the family out and seeing other players and their families … it’s such a great atmosphere, whether you’re a former player or just part of the group,” said Borg, 61, who is from Alliance, Neb.

For the Borgs, tailgating means grilling, three tents, two satellite TVs, family and friends. Their setup is near 10th and Y Streets.

A consistent staple is reminiscing with old teammates. Because of the wear and tear of football, a common conversation among the men is what Borg calls “comparing medical notes.”

“My wife always laughs because we talk about joints we’ve had replaced and what medicines we’re on,” he said.

In 2009, Borg had both knees replaced. Two months ago, he underwent major back surgery. Being a Husker led to physical issues for other teammates, too.

But what they gained was a binding brotherhood.

So, was it worth it?

“We’d do it all over again,” Borg said

Randy Borg talks about the special bonds of teammates:

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