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Our Issues page provides background and context on topics in the news. The links were curated by students in an Advanced Editing Class to help readers reach a better understanding of these issues.

Privacy: Does it really exist?

After former CIA employee Edward Snowden leaked National Security Agency documents, the debate over privacy rights exploded in the United States.  However, privacy concerns are not exclusive to matters of national security.  The media have become increasingly fascinated with the private lives of public figures. Many argue that public figures lose their rights as private citizens when they step into the limelight.  Celebrities and government officials worldwide have seen their every move scrutinized.  Advances in technology have made information- gathering easier,  reducing the privacy most people can expect.  The watchdog role of journalists is also impacted by the privacy debate.  A Senate bill would protect journalists from revealing sources,but it defines who the government considers a journalist.  Globally the line between privacy and security is being defined. The outcome is bound to have a wide-ranging impact.

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College costs: What you need to know

A college education comes with a hefty price tag, and costs are rising steadily year after year.  A generation of students is graduating with mountains of debt and a long road ahead.  There is no quick-fix to what’s a complicated issue. Legislation has been passed to easethe burden on students by decreasing loan rates, but most students still will need years to pay off all of their debt.  Change begins with an awareness of the problem and an understanding of the resources available for future college students and their parents.

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College athletics: Understanding the debate

College sports and the NCAA face controversy. The issues of pay-for-play, graduation rates for student athletes, recruiting rules and the use of college athlete images in electronic games  all intertwine to make a complex issue. The answers aren’t simple. But one thing is clear: College athletics is a big business. And the debate over many of these issues has gotten louder.

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