College athletics: How players fare in the classroom

Graduation rates up for football and basketball players

ESPN reports:  The NCAA’s Graduation Success Rate study showed that 70 percent or more of Division I football and basketball players who were freshmen in 2005-06 earned diplomas, the highest rate in the 11 years since data have been collected.

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How the NFL’s nonprofit status affects athlete graduation rates

NPR reports:  Gregg Easterbrook, the author of “The King of Sports,” talked to NPR about football in America. “The NCAA doesn’t want to talk about graduation rates,” Easterbrook said. “Division I football players [have an] overall graduation rate of 55 percent. That’s not only below students at the comparable universities as a whole — football players should graduate at a higher rate. They get five years. They don’t have to pay for college. They get special tutoring. It’s never mentioned by the NCAA or any of its partner networks because it’s bad for business.”

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NCAA says that overall student athlete graduation rates are up

Fox Sports reports: “More student-athletes than ever before are earning their college degrees, and we are gratified to see our reform efforts impact the lives of those we serve,” NCAA President Mark Emmert said in a statement. “We have even higher expectations for the future, but we are proud of the progress we have made.”

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Notre Dame wins with highest Graduation Success Rate

ESPN reports: Only one of 10 teams in the BCS national championship and NCAA finals had less than 70 percent graduate rate.

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How Big Ten schools rank in Graduation Success Rate

ESPN reports: The Big Ten is known for its academic success. Here’s a ranking of how the Big Ten collegiate athletes compare.

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NCAA’s Graduation Success Rate is a metric doesn’t tell whole story

Athletic Business reports: “In today’s age of Twitter, everybody wants a simple headline, and the NCAA supplies it,” Richard Southall, a sports management professor, told Athletic Business. “They say, ‘Athletes graduate at a higher rate,’ and everybody can feel good about it, because, after all, that’s what we really want.”

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University of Central Florida study shows improved graduation rates

Tide Sport reports: A study of NCAA basketball teams finds that graduation rates are progressively increasing.

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NCAA has a search function for academic success 

NCAA Academic Success: Find the schools that achieve high academic success in the classroom and on the field.

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