College Athletics: What’s changed in NCAA recruiting

Changes in recruiting rules in 2013

NCAA recruiting requirements and rules

NCAA: Interested in recruiting rules? This resource offers the NCAA’s official rules on recruitment eligibility.


NCAA proposes 5 new recruiting rules

USA Today reports: An NCAA subcommittee has proposed extending recruiting dead periods. It also wants to prohibit recruiting staff from attending all-star contests

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New NCAA rule allows players to sign earlier

Bleacher Report reports: Columnist Tyler Donahue said the new rule will make it easier for students to make the transition from high school to college.Sure, there will still be a recruiting frenzy throughout the fall, but coaches can now lock in a substantial portion of an incoming class with greater ease,” he said.

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Major recruiting violations of 2013

Sports Illustrated accuses Oklahoma State of recruiting violations

Sports Illustrated reports: After a 10-month investigation, Sports Illustrated said Oklahoma State used extreme measures to recruit and keep players eligible. ‘It’s very disconcerting to hear about all these things that are alleged to have happened,’ athletic director Mike Holder said in September 2013  when presented with SI’s findings. ‘But there’s nothing more important to us than playing by the rules, being ethical, having integrity. To hear we have some shortcomings or could have … in a way I guess I should thank you. Because our intent is to take this information and to investigate and do something about it.'”

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Oklahoma State launches its own investigation 

Bleacher Report:  Reaction to the Sports Illustrated investigation of Oklahoma State was quick. 

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NCCA says Iowa State broke the rules on recruiting 

NCAA reports: “Over a three-year period, athletics department staff members placed more than 1,400 impermissible recruiting calls to nearly 400 prospects. Additionally, a former student men’s basketball coach sent 160 impermissible text messages to prospects and also placed impermissible recruiting telephone calls.”

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Miami penalized for special treatment of recruits, athletes 

NCAA reports: “Many of Miami’s violations were undetected by the university over a 10-year period, and they centered on a booster entertaining prospects and student-athletes at his home, on his yacht and in various restaurants and clubs. Approximately 30 student-athletes were involved with the booster. Several football coaches, three men’s basketball coaches and two athletics department staff members were also involved in the case.”

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New recruiting methods

Oregon launches revolutionary new recruiting website

Bleacher Report: As part of the team rebranding effort, Oregon’s new recruiting website is already bringing in new recruits.

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Food can be the deal-sealer for new recruits

ESPN reports: Recruiters spend a lot of time thinking about where to take recruits to eat. It’ s not as critical as their relationship with coaches or playing time, but recruiters say food can make a difference.

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Nebraska recruitment for 2014

Nebraska football’s committed recruits for 2014

Rivals: This is the full list of committed recruits for the Husker’s football team next season. It is updated as more recruits commit.

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Future face-off with Oregon may give Nebraska a recruiting boost

Bleacher Report reports: Columnist Erin Sorensen, the Ducks, will be a plus on Nebraska’s schedule. “Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini can use this matchup as a way to get in front of recruits that may have otherwise looked past the Huskers,” Sorensen said. “Players previously unaware of Nebraska will have the opportunity to see the team in action. It could just sway some opinions, too.”

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