College athletics: What you need to know about pay for play

The revenues and expenses of collegiate athletics

NCAA: The NCAA intercollegiate athletics programs report explains the financial state of college athletics from 2004 to 2012. Among the findings: The poor economy did not have much of a negative effect on college athletics.

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Amateur status costs collegiate athletes billions of dollars a year 

The NCPA and Drexel University: The National Collegiate Players Association, along with the Drexel University Sports Management Department, released its joint study on the NCAA’s billion dollar industry.

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Debate over outdated NCAA policies more than just pay-for-play

Sports Illustrated: Columnist Michael Rosenberg says universities treat athletics like a business, one that not only refuses to pay its employees but keeps employees from making money elsewhere. With legislation being introduced that would protect and enhance the rights of collegiate athletes, where is the line drawn between professional and amateur status, between a billion-dollar industry and an educational institution?

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Columnist: Amateur sports system doesn’t work in U.S.

Fox Sports: Reid Forgave weighs in to the ongoing debate about the role of the NCAA. He argues that in a capitalist country people are supposed to be able to chase their fair market value.

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Former athletes file lawsuit against NCAA 

USA Today: Thousands of former and current NCAA basketball and football players could receive millions in damages from the NCAA. This article explains the case and what’s at stake.

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Athletes launch All Players United movement

CBS Sports: Football players from Georgia Tech and Georgia wrote “APU” on their wristbands, which stands for “All Players United” in protest against the NCAA’s treatment of athletes. The article describes the movement and its impact.

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