College costs: Some degrees pay off; others don’t

The right major can cut college costs

Some college degrees pay off quickly

Huffington Post reports: Paying off student loans can be a burden. The right degree can pay off quickly. Some degrees can pay off loans in as little as six years. Others can take over three decades., applying date from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has compiled a list of the majors that are the best value for students. Assuming an interest rate of 6 percent, some degrees that only require an undergraduate education will pay more than degrees that require a graduate or a doctorate.

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The right degree choice adds up to satisfaction

Yahoo reports: College degrees can bring you satisfaction and happiness. Doing your homework beforehand  can help you choose the best program of study. If you’re planning on going back to school, looking at firsthand accounts is key. Here are six students’ reflections on why they were satisfied with their choices.

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Two-year degrees can pay more

CNN Money reports: Some graduates with two-year degrees are making as much or more money than those with four-year degrees. The average yearly salary for a psychology graduate is $26,000. A construction worker in Tennessee averages over $60,000 a year. Depending on what career you want, spending more for four years of school could be unnecessary.

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Landing the job after graduation

After college: Reality of finding work

Super-Average reports: You’ve managed to graduate. Now comes the hard part — finding work. Your life will crumble for three reasons. You won’t work where you thought you would, you become more like your parents and your friends will disappear. The fact is you’ve grown up. In a job market in a slow recovery, 41 percent of graduates are not accepting jobs, some even in their field.

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Employment rates by major 

Take Part reports: As students graduate, employment is a big concern. Landing a job quickly can come down to degree choice. Unemployment rates are different for every field of study. Here is a list of majors with the highest and lowest unemployment rates.

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Which majors get jobs quickly?

Huffington Post reports:  If unemployment rates are an indication, college graduates have a better chance of finding a job than those with a high school diploma. But some degrees leave large numbers of people unemployed after college in today’s shaky economy.  See how unemployment rates break down by major in this report.

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Why more women are graduating

CNN Money reports: Women now surpass men and make up for 60 percent of college degrees earned. A new study links money to the recent change. Men are apparently less inclined to accumulate debt then their female counterparts.  Men are also likely to be discouraged by spending large sums of money.

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