Privacy: U.S. actions raise concerns

NSA in the spotlight amid criticisms

The Huffington Post reports: “Until this summer, people didn’t know anything about the NSA,” said Amy Zegart, co-director of the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University in an Associated Press story.  “Their own secrecy has come back to bite them.”

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German report claims chancellor’s phone was tapped for years

The Guardian reports: Leaked documents showing German chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone was tapped sparked new outrage against the U.S. in Europe.

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 Federal Trade Commission investigates Facebook’s policies

New York Times reports: Facebook’s new rules raise questions about privacy. The rules require Facebook users to let the company use personal information in advertising.

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Feds use of electronic surveillance questioned

The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports: Criminal defendants are trying to find out how the government found evidence in their cases and what kind of electronic surveillance was used.

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Personal information required to sign up for health insurance 

Fox News reports: The new federal health insurance site ( requires users to disclose personal information including Social Security numbers, birth dates and tax information.  The information is shared with other government agencies, raising privacy concerns.

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Every citizen should know what information the government is collecting and why they collect it. The following links outline privacy concerns and offer more information on NSA surveillance.

The Chronicle Review: Privacy matters even if you have ‘nothing to hide.’
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ProPublica: Frequently asked questions and answers to recent NSA inquiries. What is collected, why, and is it legal?

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—Links compiled by Paige Comried

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