State Pen cemetery a place of unique history

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  1. “Well hope I didn’t ramble too much. I just thought I’d give a little bit of personal info about the folks under those stones. It used to move me when I was a kid and grandad would go through that cemetery and point to old faded headstones of people he once knew and tell me certain details about that person. There was one I’ll always remember him talking about. The old man buried there was the first in that part of the country to get an automobile. He became very unpopular very quickly because when he started it, all the mules would start braying and where ever he drove, the horses would spook.

  2. Terry Soden says:

    CW Munson in the story of Grasshopper Hill is buried in the Wisner Cemetery in Wisner NE. On his headstone it says he was killed by Indians. My father just said he was attacked on his farm by a group of Indians and I never knew the story till I read it in the Norfolk Daily News on Nov. 30th.

    I found it very interesting.

    Terry Soden

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