Braving the weather to shop for smokes

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    One of numerous pipe shelves
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    Cliff's logo overlooking the store
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    Just one of the many cigar shelves at Cliff's
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    Johnston at his desktop revising his stock
  • IMG_6617
    Blomgren browses Johnston's inventory

Story, audio and photos by Chris Nelson, NewsNetNebraska

The Saturday morning is brisk, but that doesn’t stop Lincoln resident Steve Blomgren from making the trek to visit one of his favorite downtown stores.

Weather, as it turns out, plays a big role in business at Cliff’s Smoke Shop, 140 N. 12th St., says owner Miles Johnston. The bone-chilling temps this winter have wreaked havoc on the store’s bottom line, he said.

“Wives don’t want husbands smoking cigars inside,” he said.

Blomgren, however, remains a loyal and steady customer. Once he’s in the door, Johnston needs no prompting to remember Blomgren’s favorite brand.

“I’ve known Cliff’s and the owners for a long time,” Blomgren said. “This has the best variety of cigars and pipes.”

He looks forward to the opportunity to unwind, pipe or cigar in hand.

“I just enjoy it,” he said, “It’s relaxing to me, and there’s a lot of people it’s relaxing to.”

Steve Blomgren talks about why he shops at Cliff’s Smoke Shop: 




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