Seeing life — and animals — through the eyes of children

  • Davis Carter
    Davis Carter holds a snake with the help of his mother, Becky, at ZooZeum, a special event at the Children's Museum.
  • North American Barred Owl
    The North American Barred Owl was one of the animals on display at ZooZeum. It was the favorite animal of Addison Maise.
  • Kreis and Eberhardt
    Katelyn Kreis and Christopher Eberhardt dig through rotten logs to see what is inside and look for insects.
  • Vinegaroon
    The Vinegaroon is an arachnid that closely resembles a scorpion. It was one of the animals on display at ZooZeum.
  • Annaleese Beermann
    Annaleese Beermann holds a millipede at The Lincoln Children’s Museum’s event ZooZeum.

Story, audio and photos by Flora Zempleni, NewsNetNebraska

Brent Dickie enjoys seeing things through the eyes of his grandson.

That’s why and his wife take two-year-old Desmond Rourke to the Lincoln Children’s Museum once a month.

But this Saturday was a little different as the museum was not only filled with children, but also with animals for its event, ZooZeum.

Children held a boa constrictor that squeezed their arms when they tried to give the snake back to the handler. They looked at hedgehogs, wary of stroking the quills. They dug through rotten logs, studying them and looking for insects.

Desmond, though, didn’t seem as interested in seeing the animals as most of the other children. He was much happier playing in his favorite exhibit, the Lunar Lander, as his grandparents watched on.

But Desmond wasn’t the only one who had fun.

Dickie said that when they go to the museum he and his wife are able to share the Desmond’s excitement and joy.

So, they’ll keep coming back, once a month.

Children talk about their favorite animals at ZooZeum:


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