Local runner trains at Pioneers Park for Lincoln Marathon

  • Cailynpic1
    Cailyn Christoffersen is loving the idea of starting her half-marathon run.
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    Pioneers Park has many paths that runners can follow.
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    Keeping her feet still is really hard for Cailyn Christoffersen before her run.
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    Cailyn Christoffersen is nearing the end of her half-marathon run.
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    Cailyn Christoffersen can hardly stand up after her run, but she says she should have run more.
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    The Pioneers Park playground is empty even after Cailyn Christoffersen finishes her run.

Story, photos and audio by Madison Bell, NewsNetNebraska

The cold Saturday morning doesn’t affect Cailyn Christoffersen, 25, as she excitedly runs another loop around Pioneers Park. Three miles down, 10.1 more to go.

Her yellow and teal Nike Free shoes pound the ground while passing the playground for the second time, which is still vacant of screaming kids. She’s training for the 37th annual Lincoln Marathon on May 4, and today she completes a half marathon for the first time.

“I love, love, love running,” Christoffersen said before she began. “I started training about five months ago and I think I’ve found my true passion.

It’s seven miles in now, and behind fences, the buffalo watch Christoffersen while she passes by, going downhill onto a path surrounded by pine trees, just like every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Christoffersen changes playlists on her iPod and puts the falling strands of blonde hair back into her ponytail.

“The landscape here is so beautiful,” she said while breathing heavily and running in place. “Running’s easy when you have this much pent-up energy and there’s all this pretty stuff to look at.”

At 10 miles she smiles with the finish line in sight, and after an hour and a half, the run is over.

Christoffersen isn’t satisfied, though.

“It felt so great, I should’ve ran more,” she said while stretching. “I’ll probably run more later today.”

Cailyn Christoffersen talks about how and why she started training for a marathon:

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