Sleeping baby misses world’s largest snake

  • IMG_3720-1024x682
    The Titanoboa replica eating a crocodile at Morrill Hall.
  • IMG_3731
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    Emire Zang sleeps comfortably among the chaos of noise around him.
  • IMG_3736-1024x682
    Father and son relax while wife, Luying Zang looks around the museum.
  • IMG_3745-1024x682
    The infamous mammoth outside Morrill Hall.

Story and photos by Nicole Rauner, NewsNetNebraska

Morrill Hall is a favorite spot for Shuxin Zang. Today he’s brought the family along because there’s a special exhibit — a replica of a giant 60 million-year-old snake.

His wife, Luying, walks around the exhibit, looking closely at the reptile.

But their 8-month-old son, Emire, apparently is not impressed. He sleeps like a rock in a stoller, dressed in his bear onesie.

Little Emire is dwarfed by the giant Titanoboa, which is 48 feet long and weighs 2,500 pounds. The exhibit showcases the fact that the monster snake could once “devour a crocodile.” The exhibit is part of a collaboration with other museums, including the Smithsonian.

Shuxin Zang likes coming to the museum, whether or not there is a new exhibit. His favorite part are the sparkling rocks in the basement.

Although it seems today that Emire might miss the rocks, too, as sound as he is sleeping.

“I want to wake him up eventually,” Shuxin said.

What was supposed to be a family event and exposure to science for their son ended up being more of a husband and wife outing while their son sleeps.

Maybe next time . . .

Shuxin Zang talks about why he came to the museum:

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