Harvest of Harmony Parade, giving hope to the LGBT Community

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    The 73rd annual Harvest of Harmony Parade is one of the oldest and biggest events in Grand Island, Neb.
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    A young girl picks up candy the parade participants hand out candy to the spectators.
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    A local band member holds a Batman flag for their show; the theme this year was "From Pages to Parade…Making Characters Come Alive."
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    Supporters of Nebraskans for Equality walking in the Harvest of Harmony parade in Grand Island, Neb., on Saturday October 4.
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    Brandi Bosier, a local resident who is also transgender, took part in the parade for the LGBT community.

By Cody Jay, NewsNetNebraska

The Harvest of Harmony Parade, in Grand Island, Neb., is a big event for the city. While the Harvest of Harmony Parade is a celebration for the city of Grand Island, for some it is a way to show the city and even the state that they deserve equal rights and no discrimination.

The Harvest of Harmony Parade is a mainstay of Grand Island’s city events taking place on the first Saturday in October every year for 73 years. While Grand Island has had many events brought to the city, such as the Nebraska State Fair and High School Volleyball Championships, the parade has never left and is sticking around for the foreseeable future.

The parade has featured high school bands, floats and all kinds of candy for kids (and adults) handed out from walkers in the parade. As bands play their school songs and break out in chants of “Go Big Red” and high school fight songs, and the floats of local businesses pass by, it is also an election year, so political figures were in full force.

Nebraska for Equality walked in the parade this year. Many of its members and supporters walking in the held signs that focused on equal rights and freedom for the LGBT community in central Nebraska.

Brandi Bosier, a local activist for the rights of the LGBT community in central Nebraska, was one of the members who were in the parade. Bosier is a local member of the LGBT community from Hastings and is a transgender person. She rode in a car surrounded by the supporters of the LGBT community. Brandi was voted Miss Midwest Diamond Esquisite Icon 2014. The voting took place in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Bosier is adamant informing the community about the rights that all people need and deserve. Bosier has personally seen the way discrimination can affect a person’s life.

“Human equality, activism, people got to start being respectful,” said Bosier. “Doesn’t matter where you come from, where you live, or what you do, what we need to respect one another more.”

They were in the parade to get the word out about the LGBT community. Bosier said most people in cntral Nebraska are accepting, professional and have nothing against the LGBT community. Bosier said people that aren’t accepting or discriminate against the LGBT community are just uneducated. Those are the people that they want to reach out to.

Ogallala’s band during the Harvest of Harmony Parade.

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