Election 2014: Voters to decide on minimum wage increase

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What the November ballot proposal would do

Initiative 425 would boost the state’s minimum wage.

A yes vote on Initiative 425 would boost the minimum wage in Nebraska from $7.25 an hour to $8 an hour, effective Jan. 1. It would increase to $9 an hour on Jan. 1, 2016.

Ballotpedia reports:  The website provides background on the proposal, the ballot language and a roundup of minimum wages across the country.

Get the full report: Ballotpedia.org


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Majority support wage increase at hearing

1011now reports: Out of the eight people who spoke, most said the wage increase would be worth it.

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See what it’s like to live on minimum wage

Reuters reports: Follow a day in the life of a minimum wage worker in Chicago, Illinois.

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Analysis: Why the wage increase proposal resonates with voters

Politico reports: Democrats are expecting a large voter turn-out thanks to the proposal, but Republican candidates around the country are showing support as well.

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Small businesses split on wage increase

The Omaha World-Herald reports: Some fear cutting hours, while others think it’s right for the economy.

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Fight for minimum wage increase reflects uncertain economy

CNBC reports: Though a higher wage could be helpful for some, others fear it could be a blow to those still reeling from the recession.

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State Sen. Danielle Conrad supports ballot measure

The Lincoln Journal Star Reports: The proposed increase is right for Nebraska, Conrad said.

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