Sexual assault on campus: Men are victims too

Curation_DesignToday’s college campus culture suggests that women are always the victims and men are the always the perpetrators. Reports, however, have shown that men are assaulted frequently by both males and females and are less likely to report it because of the social stigma. 

Column: A rape epidemic — by women?

USA TODAY reports: Women are not the only victims of sexual assault; rape culture is a “two-way street.” Men are sexually assaulted nearly as frequently as women, but men are less likely to report it.

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New federal law redefines sexual assault to include male victims 

NPR reports: Males are assaulted by women and other males, and college campuses such as Tufts University said they don’t know how to deal with it. “In many communities, and many populations, the very idea of being a man and being a victim are diametrically opposed to one another,” said Chris Anderson, executive director of MaleSurvivor, a support organization for male victims of sexual trauma.

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Male victims forgotten in hype over sexual assault

Pacific Standard reports: Reports say about 19 to 31 percent of male college students experience some sort of sexual assault in college. “The assumption that men always want sex and that women are inevitably more reluctant is so universal in our culture that the unambiguous rape of men by women can serve as a punch line in popular movies,” reporter Livia Gershon said.

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Two males involved in Michigan State assault

Michigan State News reports: “Some people do not believe that it’s even possible to be sexually assaulted if you’re a male,”  MSU student Colin Wiebrecht said. “And it’s troubling because it stigmatizes victims of sexual violence that are male, it puts the idea in their head that they can’t come forward, that they’re going to be ridiculed and joked about because of the whole idea about masculinity.”

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Rawley: Assault on male teen by two females no laughing matter

Washington Square News reports: Audiences respond with comments such as “Nice” and “Atta boy,” after two female teachers sexually assaulted their male student. Washington Square News reporter points out the double standard in sexual assault: If two male teachers sexually assaulted a female student, audiences would have called for justice rather than made lewd comments.

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Sexual Assault and Dating Violence: Male Survivors

Brown University reports: Here’s a breakdown of sexual assault on men. Find out whom the perpetrators are, what to do if assaulted  and where to go for help.

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