Sexual assault on campus: National preventative steps


What’s being done to prevent sexual assault on campuses


White House launches ‘smart’ campaign on assault prevention


Wired reports: “The way most sexual assault messaging in the past has been, there’s a perpetrator and the victim and those are the two parties involved,” said David Horowitz, Mekanism’s creative director. This campaign wants to involve everyone else: “If 6 percent of men on college campuses are assaulting women, then this 94 percent of men obviously are a much bigger group, and that is the group that can do something to stop it.”


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College campuses use bystander intervention to stop assaults


­The New York Times reports: A program that calls on peers to help their friends when potential sexual assault might occur has gained recognition across several college campuses.  Its goal is to stop drunken partying from turning into sexual assault. “We’re definitely not looking to create Captain Bystander here,” said University of New Hampshire researcher Jane Stapleton.

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Students rallying for advocate on campus are met with no response


10 News reports: Students at Cal State San Marcos joined to rally for a sexual assault advocate after two students reported being raped this semester. The students informed the university’s president of their rally and planned to talk to the staff the day of. When the students showed up at the president’s office, no one was there.

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Colleges that ban premarital sex educate to prevent sexual assault


The Washington Post reports: Many religious colleges around the country teach the belief that sex is meant only for marriage. But  many of those colleges also have recognized the need to educate their students about sexual assaults.   They educate their students about sexual assaut just as they would about the dangers of alcohol consumption – recognizing that it’s possible and should be prevented.


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Male peer pressure can help curb sexual assaults


National Public Radio reports: Studies done on college campuses and other places show that men with friends who support violence against women have a higher risk of committing sexual assault. Now there are preventative efforts being implemented that would reverse this way of thinking. The idea is to surround  men with friends who don’t support violence against women as a way to help end sexual assault.


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Warn college-bound students about risks of sexual assault 


Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network reports: When it comes to talking to students about sexual assault, it’s better to start early. RAINN offers parents and guardians tips on how to talk to their future college students about the risks of sexual assault and ways to intervene in potential situations.


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