Sexual assault on campus: What are the laws, policies


Same-sex violence included in new sexual assault law

NPR reports: Men, gay or straight, are reluctant to report sexual assault. “If a man raped another man and he’s not out of the closet, that can be a difficulty because he may not want to reveal that information,” said Jordan Dashow, who graduated from Tufts University in the spring.

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California adopts new law for college campuses

Vox reports: California’s new law has been nicknamed the “Yes Means Yes Law.”  California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law on Sept.28.  The law says  all state schools that use state money for financial aid must use what is known as an “affirmative consent standard” to decide if there’s a sexual assault. That means both people must clearly agree to the sexual encounter or the person could be found guilty of assault.

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Obama starts new campaign against campus sexual assault 

CNN reports: President Barack Obama started the “It’s On Us” campaign in September. This campaign is set to fight the sexual assaults on college campuses across the U.S. The four main problems the campaign is trying to combat are: “identifying the problem on campuses, engaging men in prevention measures, effectively responding to assault where it’s reported, and increasing transparency in the federal government’s effort to enforce laws and respond to sexual assault cases.”

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Hoosiers combat sexual assault with new website

Indiana Public Media reports: Indiana University launched a new website to battle sexual assaults on campus. On the website, people can report an incident, find resources and discover people to talk to. The goal of the site is to educate students and provide a place to report an incident. IU Police said there were 27 cases of forcible sex offenses in 2012. Emily Springston, the Indiana University’s Student Welfare Compliance Coordinator, said more education will help reduce that number.

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Sexual assault policies around the Big Ten


Michigan State

Ohio State

Penn State











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