Campus Safety: Alcohol’s impact at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Student’s death led to fraternity arrests at UNL

Clayton Real, 18, died less than two weeks into his freshman year at UNL. Although Real had diabetes, partying the night before led to the tragedy. Dry campuses often rely on off-campus parties. Real belonged to the fraternity Farmhouse, where four students were arrested for supplying alcohol that led to the minor’s death.

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Indian Center enacts alcohol ban after rowdy students riot

After 17 citations including 13 arrests before a Husker football game in September, The Indian Center isn’t allowing alcohol on the property on game days. Students had thrown full beer cans at police officers and rocked charter buses in drunken anger.

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Students join Big Ten, want upgrade from dry campus

Some UNL students say a wet campus would help eliminate drinking and driving and lessen the need to sneak around. Should students be allowed to enjoy a beer after class if they are of age?

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UNL rules spelled out in campus policy on drug usage

Crimes involving minors, drug paraphernalia and consumption on public property are just a few of the detailed regulations in place for students.

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Campus is below national average for binge drinking by students 

Juan Franco, vice chancellor for student affairs, responds to a letter-to-the-editor in the Journal Star, Lincoln’s local paper. Franco says letter writer Eric Leyden was wrong when he claimed theUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln is one of the highest binge-drinking schools. Franco says UNL is below the national average.

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Tips for parents about college alcohol consumption creates information, videos and quizzes to educate parents on what happens in college regarding alcohol. The website, with a subgroup on UNL drinking, says that it’s important to talk with your child openly about college drinking before they leave.

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