Campus Safety: Big Ten West cracks down on campus crimes

Crimes per 10,000 students in 2012. Data from the U.S. Department of Education.

Crimes per 10,000 students in 2012. Data from the U.S. Department of Education.

The Big Ten West is, overall, a fairly safe group of schools. But that doesn’t stop crime from happening.

Crime rates per 10,000 students are extremely low for Northwestern University. That may be related to its Perhaps that has to do police department’s safety classes. In Iowa, on the other hand, the relatively high rates might be fixed by the university’s new safety campaign.

Police departments at each of the universities have their own approaches to fighting campus crime. Here are just a few:

New safety campaign launched on University of Iowa campus

The Daily Iowan reports: David Grady, the UI associate vice president and dean of student life, said the campaign is a good addition to campus. “This campaign complements campus efforts to ensure the UI is a welcoming and safe community,” he said.

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Lights, cameras, police: University of Minnesota ups security measures

Minneapolis Star Tribune reports: “I feel like they have been stepping up security and precautions a little bit, which I’m happy with,” said Josh Foschi, a 19-year-old freshman. “And that’s all I can really ask for.”


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Northwestern University PD offers safety classes

The list of classes includes: Office Safety and Security, Personal Safety and Residence Hall Safety.

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U of Wisconsin police crack down on stolen chairs

The Daily Cardinal reports: Stolen chairs cost approximately $62,500 per year to replace.

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Purdue uses social media, texting in new emergency alert system

Lafayette Journal & Courier reports: Purdue police created a system that sends one warning message simultaneously through text, Twitter, Facebook, pop-ups on 3,000 campus desktop computers, the TV network in residence halls, the campus safety Web page and emergency beacons installed in 27 large classrooms.

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University of Illinois pushes to extend camera systems to city streets

The Champagne News-Gazette reports: “Since our students travel, socialize, live in those areas, we would like to expand that network to provide that area with the safety aspect that has worked so far,” Jeff Christensen, UI Police Chief, said.

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