Campus Safety: Recent deaths of UNL students


Students gather on the UNL campus.

Nine UNL students have died since 2010. Of the nine, three deaths were alcohol-related.

Clayton Real found dead after frat party

Omaha World-Herald reports: On Sept. 5, 2014, UNL student and FarmHouse Fraternity member Clayton Real was found dead in his room at the fraternity house. Real, who had Type 1 diabetes, had a blood alcohol content of .378, according to police. Four members of the fraternity have been arrested in relation with the death.

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Keaton Klein died on European trip

Omaha World-Herald reports: While traveling in Europe, student Keaton Klein fell to his death from a building in Prague, Czech Republic, on July 14, 2014. His girlfriend speculated that he was up early watching the sunrise, and officials don’t suspect foul play.

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Kyle VerMaas died of an unknown virus

Lincoln Journal Star reports: Kyle VerMaas died from complications of a flu-like virus that had “taken over his brain” on March 16, 2014. The virus was thought to be Influenza A, but that couldn’t be confirmed.

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Alexandera Bedel died in car crash

Daily Nebraskan reports: On June 21, 2013, UNL student Alexandera Bedel died after crashing her car into a tree in Omaha. Police say she wasn’t speeding, but she was not wearing a seatbelt when she crashed.

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Matt Dutton fell to his death after drinking

Lincoln Journal Star reports: After drinking heavily, Matt Dutton jumped a rail in a parking garage and ended up falling eight stories to his death Feb. 17, 2013. Police suspect that he believed he was at his friend’s apartment, where a rail separates apartments from the parking garage.

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Ryan Bostock died in possibly alcohol-related rollover

Daily Nebraskan reports: Ryan Bostock rolled his car near Raymond April 20, 2013. He and his friend were killed in the accident. Police believe that alcohol and speeding may have been involved in the crash.

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Moriah Panter died of pulmonary embolism

Daily Nebraskan reports: On April 13, 2012, UNL student Moriah Panter died after fainting in a bathroom during her Spanish class. A blood clot had traveled to her lung from her leg.

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Vedant Patel was stabbed to death

Lincoln Journal Star reports: Vedant Patel was stabbed to death March 5, 2012. His roommate in his Omaha townhouse was arrested for the murder.

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Andy Krueger died of sudden heart attack

Lincoln Journal Star reports: Andy Krueger, a piccolo player in the UNL Marching Band, died Feb. 17, 2012, of a heart attack. Band director Anthony Falcone said the heart attack was a shock and that Krueger was otherwise healthy.

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