Health Center event show students how to drink responsibly

Students tottered, swayed, and fell while wearing beer goggles at “Plan Your Route to a Safe Night Out”, an event that taught about the dangers of alcohol consumption.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Health Center hosted the event. It included five different stations where students could drink mocktails, walk with beer goggles, drive a simulated car and learn tips on how to arrive at home safely.

The event was repeated four times from Oct. 27 to the 30th on campus in Neihardt, Harper and Selleck residence halls and the Nebraska East Union.

UNL made headlines in September with the death of Clayton Real, a UNL freshman, who died from acute alcohol poisoning. Four of Real’s Farm House fraternity brother’s were charged with procuring alcohol to a minor.

Nationally about 1,825 college students die from alcohol related injuries, and 25 percent of students experience academic problems due to alcohol according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

“We aren’t here to tell students not to drink we think that’s probably unrealistic,” Lee Heerten, University Health Education Coordinator said. “What we want to do is give students tools to reduce their risk.”

Davis Ball, a freshman at UNL, said the event proved to him how much alcohol affects your driving, after he swerved and stumbled while wearing the beer goggles.

“I believe that I will never drink and drive ever,” Ball said. “Clearly going through that I failed the test pretty badly.”

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