Arkansas native moves to Lincoln for beauty school

Story, photo and audio by Sarah Hoelting, NewsNetNebraska

“I’m a walker, and that’s how you keep this body, honey,” declares Derrick Smith, a 22-year-old student at Lincoln’s College of Hair Design. “I would never catch a bus because you’d have to stand there forever. It’s not my style.”

The outgoing Smith has been buzzing around the Everett and Lincoln area for two years now. He moved to Lincoln from a small town in Arkansas to pursue his passion for hair and beauty. He made the decision after a series of phone conversations with a relative who had moved to the city.

Smith has no regrets.

All of what he needs are close to his apartment complex on 11th and G streets, known as Klein’s Corner, the nerve center of the neighborhood. It’s just a quick trip across the street to the local grocery and liquor store. But neighbors might have to glance more than once to spot him. His hair color changes weekly, he says.

“I’m a wild girl and always turnin’ it up,” Smith said. “I’m never chill, honey.”

There are quiet moments in Smith’s routine, too.

“I love living alone,” he said.

One of the favorite attributes of Smith’s corner brick apartment is the private balcony, where he sunbathes in the summer and people watches in the fall, he said.

“I know everybody that lives in my apartment,” Smith said. “On Halloween, I had all the neighbors at my apartment at like two in the morning.”

Smith discusses his two favorite Everett neighborhood spots:

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