Brazilian student finds a cure for homesickness

profileArthur Evaristo
Age: 22
Home: Recife, Brazil
Major: Agricultural engineering
Hobby: Video games
Favorite saying: The world is like the mirror that reflects each person’s thoughts. The way that you face life makes all the difference. listen

Fall break is normally the time for students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to return home, but it’s somewhat difficult when home is 5,163 miles away.

So Arthur Evaristo, a native of Recife, Brazil, embarked on a different journey, this one only 2,600 miles.

Evaristo and seven friends rented an recreational vehicle in Kansas City. They visited the Black Hills, the Devil’s Tower, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton and the Garden of the Gods.

The vacation helped keep his mind off of his hometown, which he left in August to attend UNL.

“Always when I have something to do and get distracted I don’t feel homesick,” Evaristo said.

The agricultural engineering major came to UNL because of the program Science Without Borders. He said Nebraska was always his first choice after he heard a presentation about UNL and “totally bought into what she said.”

The presenter described UNL as  peaceful and friendly, Evaristo said.

Although Evaristo isn’t sure what he wants to do in the future, for now it’s just about the experience — whether it’s eating at Raising Canes or grabbing a Bud Light at The Downtown bar.

Evaristo keeps in contact with his family in Brazil via Skype. He said they try to talk when they can, at least once a week. Sometimes the conversation lasts a couple minutes; sometimes it continues for hours.

He misses his three cats — Nina, Puquena and Marrom — for all the weird stuff they do, but he misses his mother, Célia, the most.

“I miss that warmth that she gives to me,” he said.

Evaristo has had some tough moments; finals week in December was particularly trying because he was worried about his tests, and he began to think about and miss home.

But Evaristo knows what to do.

“Just have some fun,” he said. “I think that’s the medicine for homesick.”





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