“No worries” Aussie settles into “The Good Life”

NA_Copy1Naish Annert
Age: 19
Home: Melbourne, Australia
Major: Undecided
Hobbies: Soccer and hanging out with his mates
Favorite saying: No worries. Listen

While some students search for study abroad trips to escape the plains of Nebraska, Naish Annert traveled across the Pacific Ocean to experience college in the nation’s heartland.

When a friend of Annert’s family, Vin Gupta, a 1971 graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, offered to sponsor the 19-year-old during his four years, Annert jumped at the opportunity.

“College is a lot better here than in Australia,” Annert said. “There you just go to class and go home, while here you have a great experience and meet new people.”

The Melbourne, Australia, native has had little trouble making friends at UNL. His week days are filled with ACE (Achievement Centered Education) courses while weeknights he enjoys being with friends in an Abel study room. Their laughter echos down the hall.

“My friends would tell you I’m just really relaxed, not much bothers me,” Annert said.

Annert is still deciding on what he wants to do with his future. He is considering marketing, but also teaching.

“I like working with kids so maybe I’ll teach English or P.E.” Annert said.

He was working construction before coming to U.S. and admits that if he hadn’t left, he might still be stuck there.

Adjusting to Lincoln wasn’t too difficult, Annert said. But he has had a few frightening moments.

“At first when I would drive in the car with friends I’d look down at my phone then look up and see we were driving on the wrong side of the road,” he said. “For a split second I’d be scared, then remembered I was in America.”


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