Scottish athlete’s lifestyle has changed dramatically

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Nick Percy
Age: 20
Major: Health, Exercise and Nutritional Science
Home: Ventnor, England
Hobby: Rugby
On the difference between American and British language: listen

Nick Percy’s life has changed drastically in just a few months. The student athlete and native of the Isle of Wight, England, is now a freshman at Nebraska — and thousands of miles from home.

Percy, 20, is a thrower for the Nebraska Men’s Track and Field team who came to Nebraska because of its culture.

“The one thing that really drew me here was the top class facilities, all the people are really friendly, and I fit in really well with everyone on the team.”

For Percy, Lincoln was a very big city.

“I come from living in a village which has only, maybe 50 people in it. Maybe less.”

Percy, who was born in Glasglow Scotland, is well traveled. He traveled to France, Spain and Germany when he was competing as a teen. In the U.S., he’s been to Chicago, Los Angeles and Minneapolis.  Still being in a big city in America is a bit unnerving for Percy.

“It’s another country. You don’t know what it’s like. When you’re in your own country, and you go to big cities, you know what to expect,” Percy said.

“Here I’ve got this sort of stereotype that there’s going to be someone around the corner with a gun and they’re going to be like, ‘Give me your money.’ It’s a bad thought to have.”

Percy pursued track as an athlete because of his mother, Deborah, who competed internationally as a runner for Great Britian. Percy is a big sports fan; his favorite teams are back home in Great Britain.

But in the fall, he had first experience watching a college football game when he attended a Husker game. He attended two more games after his inaugural visit to Memorial Stadium.

His observations about the games: “Very loud. It’s nice that everyone gets behind the team,” he said.

“It’s a good strong tradition here.”

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