Everett handyman works a lot for a little

Story, photos and audio by Kelly Bradley, NewsNetNebraska

His bike was stolen this week, so today he is walking from job to job. But he has a smile on his face. He says he’ll be happy to walk with you, if you are headed in the same direction.

“You can call me Dan, Danny or Daniel-Say Daniel.”


Daniel Clinchard, 59, is on his way to do some maintenance work some odd jobs at a nearby apartment complex.

He said considers himself “self-under-employed.” He works throughout the Everett neighborhood as a self-titled “property maintenance handyman.” He also earns money from the state as a caretaker.

“I’m self-employed, but I’m underemployed. It’s a joke,” he said. “I get by. I do enough; I do just enough.”

Clinchard also finds other work around town. During election season, for example, he works at the polls — a job he enjoys.

“The people who show up to vote are cool,” he said. “It’s fun. The place I worked at 23rd and R, Grace Methodist Church, is actually two polling places in the same building. We would talk across the hall and compete a little bit. See who was getting the most voters.”

Clinchard lives on F Street, where he acts as a caretaker for his disabled girlfriend.

He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and obtained a biology degree, he said, but his career never took off. He said tried to find work in the field, but the only jobs were in teaching.

But he said he’s content spending time doing jobs around Everett.

He likes the neighborhood, and he likes Lincoln, where he has lived for most of his life. To him, Everett has a great atmosphere with friendly people.

Clinchard talks about the view  from his former apartment in Everett. 

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