Malaysian student looks to gain political experience in Lincoln

AshtonDavidsonAshton Davidson
Age: 24
Home: Klang, Malaysia
Major: political science
Hobbies: guitar, reading, new languages, craft beers
Favorite proverb: “As far as the squirrel jumps from a tree, eventually it has to come down.” listen


Many people are able to see the problems in the world, but few actually want to do anything about them.

Ashton Davidson, 24, is one of those few. This year he came to the U.S. from his home in Klang, Malaysia, to study political science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“Back home, policies are not as efficient,” Davidson said. “I saw a lot of differences I wanted to make.”

Whether it’s in politics or every day life, Davidson feels that the things people do in Malaysia are mainly for personal gain rather than for the greater good.

So Davidson came to Lincoln with an open mind and willingness to learn whatever he could during his time here.

“I want to learn how politics work here, whether if it’s the local level, state level or federal level, learn the skills used here and apply them back home,” he said.

Davidson thinks Lincoln residents are courteous, caring and, for the most part, law abiding.

After making these observations, he decided that getting involved would be essential to learning about American society and how American culture differs from his. He serves on ASUN’s Committee for Diversity and Inclusion and is part of the Environmental Leadership Program.

“Doing whatever I want is not realistic,” he said. “It’s more like ‘what is there for me to do?’”

This is the question that he hopes to answer during his time in Lincoln, whether that is someday working in Malaysia on government policy and making an impact on his community or attaining his dream job of working with the United Nations and doing things for the good of our world.

Davidson’s world view is that we are all human beings and are just the same as everyone else. By experiencing this during his time in Lincoln, Davidson hopes he can return home with a new understanding and make a change for the better.

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