UNL theater student enjoys her ‘inheritance’ in Everett

Story, photos and audio by Kelly Bradley, NewsNetNebraska

It’s normal to inherit an item — maybe a mother’s precious pearls or a father’s watch. But Savannah Kurtz, 22, inherited something a bit more unusual: her apartment in the Everett neighborhood.

Kurtz, a theater production student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, is one of three students who live in an apartment near 11 and H streets. For several years now, the apartment has been rented by theater students who “handed down” the residence to fellow students once they graduated. So when it came time for Kurtz to find a place of her own, she had a ready-made opportunity.Bradley_KurtzPhotos

She says her demanding schedule keeps her away from home, but when she has the time, she loves to explore her neighborhood. She loves the character the neighborhood’s buildings and the people in them.

“We use to have this girl that lived upstairs that would sing out of her window every day, and she was a really good singer.”

On occasion, Kurtz will wander down to the Everett business district when she has some free time.

“I spend some time down at Cultiva for coffee and studying. Some Saturday nights we will make our way to Da Vinci’s for late night pizza.”

Her new favorite spot is Pan Dulce.

“It’s so bad that I’ve lived in the neighborhood for three years and I just recently made it down to Pan Dulce and it is amazing.”

Kurtz spends most of her time on campus where she is working toward a bachelor’s degree in production, specifically, stage management. She was the stage manager for “City of Angels” at the Glenn Korff School of Music. The first performance was in early November.

“My job is basically to keep track of blocking, make sure we are staying on schedule, and make sure the performance and rehearsal space are safe for the actors.”

Kurtz wasn’t always interested in running the show. In fact, she has a long acting history.

“I’ve been performing since I was teeny-tiny,” she said. “I was a child actor.”

She also danced and sang. But her interest in stage management started developing during her sophomore year of high school in El Dorado, Arkansas.

Her ultimate goal is to pursue a career in opera stage management, a field Kurtz says is interesting, “quirky” and demanding, but a challenge she is ready to embrace.

Kurtz describes her apartment building and why she loves the look of it:

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