Lottery win results in plane ticket from the Congo to America

Story, photo and audio by Sarah Hoelting, NewsNetNebraska

On a recent fall day, Christian Mbaye is enjoying a solitary moment before driving to an African meeting.

“Every Sunday, I go to the African meeting on 24th and O Street,” he said. “We talk about the people . . . if he or she need something.”

Mbaye emigrated from the Republic of Congo after winning a $4,000 lottery ticket in his home country. He came to the United States a little over a year ago for adventure and improved working opportunities, while leaving behind his father, mother, sister and brother. Before settling in Lincoln with his cousin, Alain, he visited  Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

“I love Lincoln because of the smiling and laughing . . . and they talk good,” Mbaye said. “I have a lot of friends who speak English who can teach me.”

Mbaye’s is formally learning how to speak English at Southeast Community College.

“I can’t spell good,” he said, laughing.

He looks back at his white 2002 Impala proudly, his first big investment in America. And then he mentions that he needed to call his family soon.

“I’m going to call them family today,” he said. “I call them every weekend.”

Mbaye talks about the people of Lincoln: 

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