Lincoln woman finds joy and friends after loss


By Rebekah Sutter, NewsNetNebraska

Trying something new

After Judy Neeman’s husband passed away, she knew she needed to pick up a new hobby and stay active.

“So I got into clogging, which was fine until I got the new knee, and then I thought ‘I’m not pounding this because I’m not going through that again.'”

Neeman looked in the newspaper and found an advertisement for Lowery Organ Center in Lincoln. She instantly found what she was looking for.

“I’ve met so many new friends,” Neeman said.

Neeman started on a smaller organ for beginners and has worked her way up to a more advanced organ throughout the three and a half years she has been playing.

“I’m now at the top of the line.”

Some of the important elements of Neeman's organ. She prefers to call it a "virtual orchestra."

Some of the important elements of Neeman’s organ. She prefers to call it a “virtual orchestra.”

Neeman and Lowery

Since becoming involved at Lowery, Neeman has become the president of the LIFE group. They by sell sheet music and give the proceeds to troops returning home from overseas. LIFE stands for Lowery Is Fun and Easy.

Neeman is also involved with the Critchett Club Academy which is tailored for the older generation learning music.

“We come from all walks of life,” she pointed out.

Neeman becomes like a young girl again around her Critchett Club friends.  She is excited when her “boyfriend” walks through the door. She sticks her tongue out in response to a joking remark from her classmate.

“We’re just kids over 65,” Neeman says, laughing.

Kevin James, store manager at Lowery’s studio, says Neeman adds something special to the group.

“Judy definitely brings humor. She’s a party girl and loves to have fun.”

Teaching people like Neeman are what James enjoys most about his job.

Neeman’s words of advice

Neeman encourages empty nesters to get out and try something new once the kids have grown up and your spouse is gone.

“Our kids don’t realize what it does for you… You need to have your own branch,” she said.



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