The people of Everett: ‘All walks of life live down here’

Residents say that the interesting mix of people who live in Everett make the neighborhood a special place.

With its historic architecture, affordable housing and proximity to downtown, Everett attracts an eclectic collection of people.

“The people are really fun; they are interesting characters,” said Dave Wunderlich, an artist-turn-chef who lives and works in the neighborhood. “There is just never a dull moment. Lot of musicians, lot of artists, lots of creative people, all walks of life live down here.”

Everett business owner MJ Dunn agreed.

“We have refugees and immigrants and people looking for a better life, and then we have people who’ve lived there for 20 years,” she said. “It’s a unique little cove.”


The diversity was exactly why Jason Anderson decided to open his Cultiva coffee shop in the neighborhood.

“It’s a  not a homogenized, bland sort of suburban neighborhood,” he said. “It’s got a sort of urban flavor to it.”

Despite the different backgrounds and perspectives represented in Everett, the neighborhood has a strong sense of community, residents say.

“There are streets where millionaires live and there are streets were people that don’t have hardly anything live,” Wunderlich said, “and we all work it out together.”

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