Dutch student at UNL hopes her films inspire children

Marloes Berends
Age: 22
Home: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Major: Film studies
Hobby: film making
Favorite saying: “What the farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat.” Listen

Amsterdam may be best known for sex and drugs, but Marloes Berends hopes to counteract her native city’s bad rap by creating children’s movies.

Berends is an international student from Amsterdam studying at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Before arriving in Lincoln, she thought everyone in Nebraska would ride cows and wear cowboy hats.

“I thought I’d be coming back in a hat and boots like ‘howdy there,’” said Berends, who speaks with a British accent and is constantly smiling.

Berends chose UNL because of its film studies program. Her dream job is to make children’s shows or movies with her twin sister Rozemarijn. Marloes is the director, while Rozemarijn is the writer.

“I have good stories in my head, but I cannot write them down. I’m really lucky to have her to help me,” Berends said.

Being a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Berends only has one short film on YouTube, which was necessary for a class assignment.

“If you watch Hollywood films you see how fine the quality is. Then you make it with your own camera, and it’s not really there, so I mainly do it to practice,” she said.

A video production class at UNL is providing that opportunity for practice, though Berends doesn’t want to make the typical Hollywood movies. She feels that with as much television as children watch now, shows should provide more than just entertainment.

“You can have the fun, but they should have some moral lesson buried inside,” she said.

Her favorite movies are anything from Pixar because they usually involve an outsider tying to fit in.

“They’re great because the character finds out they don’t have to fit in. They can be whatever they want,” she said.

More than 4,500 miles from her home and everyone she knows, Berends is living like a character in one of her favorite movies.

“Lincoln is great so far, though I hope I learn that I don’t have to fit in.”

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