Starbucks cards catch the eye of marketing student from China

Cheryl-lyn 1Cheryl-lyn Ngohhueiyeen (Ngoh)
Age: 20
Major: Marketing
Home: Malaysia
Favorite custom from her country: Chinese New Year
 Hobby: Collecting Starbucks gift cards.


Between Nov. 3 and Dec. 24 last year, Starbucks said they sold 37 million gift cards. That is a lot of coffee and biscottis. But the coffee and biscottis are not that important to Cheryl-lyn Ngoh as the designs on the front of the cards.

The marketing major has a fascination with collecting Starbucks gift cards. She said it is less of a hobby and more of a collection she has developed while being in the United States.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Ngoh has spent the last year and a half at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying marketing. The love she has for collecting Starbucks gift cards goes along with her marketing major by connecting how Starbucks makes their cards so irresistible.

The senior said she chose the major of marketing because her mom thought it was a good idea.

“I said, ‘I liked branding,’ and my mom was like, ‘OK, marketing is good.’ After doing it here, I liked it more” Ngoh said.

She said she wants to become a data analyst after graduation. But while still in college, Ngoh is a desk assistant in one of the residence halls.

Ngoh is excited for the Chinese New Year celebration, which she describes as eating a lot and giving red envelopes filled with money. But because she is apart from her family, she probably won’t get one of the envelopes, called hong bao, that older members of the family given to the younger ones. While in Nebraska, she’ll celebrate the Chinese New Year with her friends.

“Not on a big scale, maybe just dinner with my friends, no red envelopes obviously because we’re all kids,” Ngoh said.

Despite the 13-hour time difference, Ngoh keeps in touch with her family via Skype.

“I wake up at like, eight, and I Skype them cause it’s ten at night at their time,” Ngoh said. “At nights I usually Skype my grandma, that’s at midnight, which is like two in the afternoon for her.”

Even though her family is far away and she won’t be celebrating Chinese New Year on a big scale, Ngoh said she likes Lincoln and thinks it’s a cool place.

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