Staff profile: Annie Bohling

Annie Bohling is pretty handy with a paper and pen, but her true passions lie with a whisk and a spatula.

From a young age, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln journalism major loved to bake, and her zest for food has since evolved.

bohlingphotoBohling, a Lincoln native, first caught the cooking bug from her 93-year-old grandmother and found comfort in the dishes she whipped up. She said her 93-year-old she would usually have a fresh loaf of homestyle bread baking when she arrived.

“It was always the best smell walking into her house,” she said.

She said she hopes to carry on her grandmother’s cooking tradition with her own family, but with a twist.

Bohling, a journalism major, plans to work in news for a while before taking a step back, but eventually hopes to move to a small self-sustaining farm.

“I want two cows and 10 chickens and be able to grow fruits and vegetables,” Bohling said.

Bohling, who has worked at a garden center, said not only is she passionate about food, but also about where it comes from.

Yet, the future is uncertain.

“As the dream evolves, I never know where I’m gonna be in six months,” she said. “I like it that way.”

Bohling still has solid short-term goals.

“Graduating this semester obviously,” she said, “I want to learn to make Indian food: it’s so good.”

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