Staff profile: Bailey Neel

Many college students go through an “I’m undecided” phase. In this phase their major might change more than once and could be here longer and still not know what they want after graduation.

NeelProfilePictureFor junior Bailey Neel, that was not an option. She came in with the mindset of being a sports journalist; the only phase she is going through is the “I don’t know what part of sports journalism I want to go into” phase.

Double majoring in broadcasting and journalism, the junior with senior standing will graduate in December.

Coming from Denver, Colorado, Neel did not know anyone when she came to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She said that she was the only one from her high school to attend the university.

“Being able to come here and start new means I can go anywhere and be fine,” Neel said. Being able to come to an unknown state and be able to succeed this means she can go anywhere and be confident in starting new, she said.
Because she loves sports, Neel wants to do something in that realm, and with graduation nearing, the careers of being a sideline reporter, analyst and maybe even a producer dance around in her mind.

She said she’s ready for any challenge. Her on-campus jobs include being the graphic designer person for volleyball for and Husker Vision and attending other sports, such as traveling with the Men’s Gymnastics team.

She’s also ready for the 2016 Summer Olympics. She wants to do reporting there — and being in Rio is a big incentive, she said.

The Olympics, she said, is “one thing the whole world can agree on.”


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